Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We Prayed

My small group had a meeting this weekend. It’s something we’re scheduled to do every weekend—though summer has a way of making the “weekly” gathering more like “every-other-week”. But this weekend was different.

We prayed.

Now don’t run off thinking that we’re some weird anti-prayer group that would prefer to roast smores together rather than talk with God. Prayer is a regular part of our small group’s time together. (In fact, we believe prayer is a critical piece of authentic biblical community. Think early church. Think Acts 2:42.) But this was different.

We prayed for each other’s struggles. We prayed for the busyness of life. We prayed for the challenges of parenting young children. We prayed about the stress that is pressing in on all of us.

We prayed—and it was really good!

Nothing in our immediate circumstances changed. But we did experience a peace that only comes from bringing things to our Heavenly Father in prayer. We enjoyed the closeness of knowing someone else cares about our “stuff”. We enjoyed the bond of community that grows when you pray with other believers.

We prayed.

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