Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are You Leading in Humility?

Recently, I had the privilege of gathering with other pastors from my area to watch a simulcast event where a small group of famous pastors engaged in thought-provoking dialogue. The event was called The Elephant Room. It’s the brainchild of Pastor James MacDonald.

The concept of The Elephant Room is to get influential pastors from different denominational and cultural contexts to a common table to discuss critical issues facing the church today.

MacDonald took plenty of heat from within the broad evangelical community for some of the guests he invited to participate. He didn’t back down.

What happened because of MacDonald's faithfulness, and lack of need to be liked by all of his peers, was something that will stay with me for a very long time. I witnessed genuine humility, respect, and honor, offered freely between pastoral peers.

It was stunning!

One prominent pastor inquired and inquired again about another’s Theological position on core doctrines—with respect. Another up-and-coming leader repeatedly submitted to the wisdom, maturity, and experience of other pastors involved, before sharing his own opinion and perspective.

The discussions were poignant. The issues were real. Opinions differed occasionally. Yet at the core of the entire day of dialogue was humility presented to one another in grace.

The thought that I couldn’t help but wrestle with was this; why does this sort of interaction seem to be the exception, not the norm, among church leaders?

Whether we lead a church of 10,000, a discipleship ministry, a Sunday school class, a small group, or our family—humility toward our peers (and those we serve) should be a hallmark of our leadership.

The tough question we must all ask; is humility a hallmark of my leadership?