Friday, July 23, 2010

A Good Problem

I met with a small group leader yesterday. We talked about his job, his family, and our church. Then we got serious about his small group. Boy do they have issues! Are you ready for this? Food issues.

That’s it. Nobody’s leaving the group. There isn’t a relational schism between two couples. Nobody is struggling with a crisis of faith. The groups’ lone issue—too much food!

Will larger problems come? Certainly. But right now, the only thing the members of this community are dealing with is the potential expense of a larger belt and a pair of pants with an adjustable waist for each man. That’s it. What a great season of small group life to be in!

This group meets on Sunday nights and began with the idea of sharing a desert each meeting. Then the women of this group of young empty nesters found that they couldn’t help themselves. Their mothering (parenting) instincts kicked in. The deserts got bigger and more expansive each week. Now, they enjoy (Or, perhaps, struggle through) a full spread of food each week—that includes a desert.

Is your group in a similar good season of life? Praise God for it!

So many times our prayer times as a community are centered on the tough stuff. Yet God loves it when we come to him with hearts of gratitude. Take a few moments together this week and thank God for His favor on your small group.

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