Thursday, December 02, 2010

Still Battling Commitment Issues

I began the week with a blog entry about a group leader who had commitment issues within his group. Those issues, slowly, over time, eroded the foundation of this leader’s group and ultimately let to the group’s end.

These issues happen all the time—often becoming more acute this time of year. So, let’s take a look at a couple more ideas to help your group overcome the craziness that surrounds the holidays and stay connected.

Bring your Family Calendar – Make time to plan. Discuss the different schedules represented by each family. Hammer out details for the entire month, and into the new year, if possible. Don’t let an unevaluated schedule rule your small group, instead talk your way through the busy holidays and use schedule to your advantage.

One leader I know has a group calendar that he brings to each weekly meeting. Not to beat people over the head with administration, rather to make sure things the group doesn’t suffer from one family’s change in scheduling.

Communicate Faithfully – Who doesn’t like being thought of or remembered? Keep this in mind about the relationships you have in your small group during the holidays. Schedules may separate you. Travel may send you to different parts of the country. Yet something as simple and short as a text message, a personal email, or a quick phone call communicates value!

Push against the temptation that we all battle this time of year. Don’t allow the wave of Holiday events, travel, and good things to take time and focus away from your efforts to stay connected. Closeness and commitment serve as foundational elements of your small group community any time of year.

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Geoffsnook said...


Hey man. Great advice for our group, which was started at the beginning of the school year. Thanks for the practicality of this post!