Friday, September 17, 2010

Bite-Sized Nuggets or a Steak Dinner?

How hungry are you? Do you want bite-sized nuggets of God’s Word? Or do you prefer to dig into a hearty steak dinner? I’m not asking the question for you to respond with the right answer, instead I’m encouraging you to consider the honest answer. How hungry is your group for God’s Word?

I believe that small group life in the 21st Century should have the 1st Century model of Christian community as our foundation. Luke gave us some key details in the book of Acts.

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”Acts 2:42
At my church, Woodmen Valley Chapel, we place a great emphasis on these components for doing life together in Christ-centered community—specifically a devotion toward the apostles’ teaching.

Why? Because most contemporary Christ-followers only get bite-sized amounts of the Bible. Most of us rarely sit down, savor, and enjoy the steak dinner of God’s Word. Collectively, it seems that our lives are so busy there is little time for more than a 10-minute devotional reading.

This is not a post to shame anyone into more Bible reading, rather to acknowledge that most of us rarely devote ourselves to the deep study of the truth the apostles passed along.

In a small group setting, we have the unique opportunity to hit the pause button on the concerns of the world for an hour and half each week and reconnect with the Word of God in a rich and meaningful way. The question is; are we taking advantage of the time to do so? Or are we taking bit-sized portions and settling?

Ask yourself this question; Is your group engaging with bite-sized nuggets of the Bible? Or are you feasting on a steak-sized portion of God’s Word?

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