Monday, June 07, 2010

Small Group Resources

I’m perpetually on a hunt for quality small group resources. I search. I peruse. And then I hunt some more. The hunt itself is not a hard one—there are more than enough small group resources available today. Yet it’s also not as easy as it might seem. The key word in the hunt is “quality”. All books, small group resources, and study guides are not created equal!

The church I serve, Woodmen Valley Chapel, has a growing small group ministry with about 1,500 people involved in small group life. As you can imagine, the community is diverse. So the resource needs are significant.

The hunt goes on…

When hunting, I search for two primary things: strong tools for the small group leader’s toolbox, and content-rich material for the small group participants themselves. Frankly, the hunt can be daunting. I’ve found two things that have served me well on my hunt for quality small group resources.

1. Find a Publisher You Trust
Look at their catalog. Do your research. Read. Are they publishing books that Biblically and Theologically sound? (Don’t assume this to be true!) Do their resources align with your church’s vision and mission? Are their books dealing with issues people are facing today? Are the resources engaging, or are they simply fill-in-the-blank without even the slightest challenge to your mind or heart?

2. Build an Advisory Team
When looking for resources don’t do it alone. Talk with other pastors. Interact with other small group leaders. Take time to read the resources you’ve researched. Build a team of advisors who know the Scriptures, know your church, and know the direction you’re striving to lead your groups. Trust the wisdom of the team you’ve built.

Enjoy the hunt!

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